Deck Talk – Week of July 16


Remember to check the calendar online for all of the latest news and events!

Saturday, 15
Pool closed until noon for Swim Team A Meet

Sunday, July 16
8:30 am        Masters Swim —Main Pool 8:30 pm
Water Polo—Main Pool (closed for lap swimming)

Wednesday, July 19
6:00 pm        Last B Meet of the Season—pool closes at 5

ThursdayJuly 20
6:00 pm        Food Truck Thursday! Tacos El Rey – Parking Lot
7:00 pm        Raft Night! – Main pool
7:45 pm        Movie Night!—Upper Pavilion—

Saturday, July 22
10:00 am        Divisionals practice in the diving well. Go Mo!

Sunday, July 23
7:00 am        Dive Divisionals—pool remains open regular hours

Let’s Get Your Emergency Contact Info up to Date!

If there is ever an accident involving your child at the pool, you need to have your cell phones, home phone, emails for all members on the account up to date. The guards have access to a directory that has all of your up to date info so let’s make it easy for them to get you if needed! Drawing for 12 guest passes on the 29th.

Did you know we have rules at the pool?  You can find them on line under About Us and printed on the bulletin board in the entry.

Your mother doesn’t live here rule:
Pick up your trash!  Trash (cups, plates, wrappers, cans) need to be picked up in the playground, basketball area, pavilion and throughout the deck and pool area. When everyone helps the pool will continue to look great and keep animals and insects away.

Guest passes:
Did you know you can order your guest passes online?  It’s easy and convenient!  They never expire and you’ll be ready to have guests at the pool with no wait time.
– Log in to your account
– Click on membership
– Click on buy guest fees
– Purchase the number that you need (online is preferred!)

See you on deck! 

Deck Talk – Week of July 2

Deck Talk

Remember to check the calendar online for all of the latest news and events! Check out the contest and win free guest passes if you update your info!

Sunday—July 2        
8:30 am – Masters Swim —Main Pool
Noon – Decorate the pool for the 4th!
4:00 –  Home Dive Meet
8:30 pm Water Polo –  Main Pool (closed for lap swimming)

July 4 
4:00 pm

Crabfest. It’s not too late to register.  Or just come and pay at the door.  This is one of the best events of the year!

ThursdayJuly 6 
6:00 pm – Food Truck Thursday! Holy Crepes – Parking Lot
7:00 pm – Raft Night! – Main pool
7:45 pm – Movie Night!—Upper Pavilion—Cars 2

FridayJuly 7 
6:00 pm Swim and Dive Team Pep Rally—Main Pavilion— Dinner $10/Adult Beverages $4

Did you know we have rules at the pool?  You can find them on line under About Us and printed on the bulletin board in the entry.

All Around Good Rule to Follow:
For the children who are not yet potty trained, swim diapers must be worn in the pool.  And while we should not need a rule for this, there is no diaper changing on the picnic tables!  Diapers need to be changed in the bathroom area.  All children are to be diapered and clothed when swimming in any of the pools.

See you on deck!

Mohican Update

Fellow Mohicans –

We are now in the heart of the summer and I wanted to share with you a few updates.

First, on the issue of memberships, we still have a few problems with our system. As a result, there are families who have not been able to get everyone registered as they planned. A few of these are problems with our system, and in a few cases, the members have not registered properly. To correct these our membership team (Elizabeth Redisch, Dani Johnson, and Josette Skilling) have been hard at work.  However, some problems still persist. To correct these we would like to extend our help.

If you can not login (password etc.) or if you are unsure who you have paid for on your household please reach out to If you are having a problem with the actual application, please reach out to Josette Skilling. And, in general, you can always come to me directly with any issues – If I cannot help I will direct you to someone can resolve your issues.

Then on to our latest additions to the program.

We kicked off Water Polo last Sunday (8:30-9:30 PM), and this will run weekly through the rest of the season. We had a mix of adults and kids in the first session last week, and everyone had a great time. Right now the group is high school and up. However, we are happy to get a group going for younger kids if there is interest.  So, if your younger ones want to play, bring them out and we will make sure to accommodate.

And we kicked off Masters Swimming this Sunday 8:30 – 9:30/10:00 (AM). We had a group of about a dozen for the first session, and everyone got the workout they intended. Someone told me my initial email was a little intimidating, and I want to make sure everyone knows they are welcome. We have all 8 lanes so we can divide up the group into their abilities. This should be a great way to get the week started, so I encourage you to come out. And this group will also run through the season.

And on Thursday we kicked off Raft-Night and Food-Truck Thursday to overwhelming success. We had nearly 500 attendees on a Thursday which is more like a weekend day.  And as a result of the turnout, we have contacted the truck coming this week (Peruvian Brothers) to make sure we have the capacity to handle the group. They ensure us they are fast and are ready for our crowd. So, come on out and save yourself from cooking.

We also had our first home swim and dive meets this last week – with two home swim meets and a dive meet.  Both teams are big this year, and the kids and coaches are all having a good time. I am always amazed that it takes nearly 30 parents to run a swim meet and the team always manages to get all the slots filled.

One final note of caution. We have had a couple mishaps on the playground equipment. We had a boy get burned on one of our super-hot days and we had someone take a dive off the equipment this week. It probably goes without saying, but I just ask the parents to be cautious and watch your little ones when they are playing.

And on parking, I want to thank everyone for making the most of our lot. I encourage you all to walk or bike but I understand that is not convenient. So, just have patience when it is crowded and be careful if you park on MacArthur.

That is all I have for now.

See you at the pool.

Rick Hall

Deck Talk – Week of June 25

Deck Talk

2017 Volume 2 – Week of June 25

Remember to check the calendar online for all of the latest news and events! Check out the contest and win free guest passes if you update your info!Sunday, June 25
8:30 am Masters Swim Kick-Off, Main Pool
8:30 pm Water Polo, Main Pool (closed for lap swimming)

Wednesday, June 28
5:00 pm Swim Team B Meet, Pool closes at 5:00 pm

Thursday, June 29
6:00 pm Food Truck Thursday! Peruvian Brothers, Parking Lot (We’ll have different trucks all summer on Thursdays)
7:00 pm Raft Night! Main pool
7:45 pm Movie Night!, Upper Pavilion—Sing

Friday, June 30
6:00 pm Swim and Dive Team Pep Rally, Main Pavilion
Dinner $10/Adult Beverages $4—MEXICAN NIGHT!

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, July 2
12:00 pm Decorate the pool for the 4th.  Anyone is welcome!

Tuesday, July 4
4:00 pm Annual Crabfest!  Remember to sign up and pay in advance.  Great food and a fun coin toss for the kids!See you on deck!

SPOTLIGHT ON POOL RULES: Did you know we have rules at the pool? You can find them online under About Us and printed on the bulletin board in the entry.

Rule  Number One: All children must be supervised in the playground area. There are no guards on duty back there and we’ve already had incidents of children hurt by falling off the equipment.

And a bonus rule this week:

Rule Number Two: NO GLASS is allowed on pool premises. This includes wine (buy boxed wine or decant into plastic before you come) and beer bottles. It also includes condiments for cookouts, salad dressing, non-alcoholic drinks, and water bottles (even with the silicone sleeves). All it takes is one accident to injure a barefoot child

See you on deck!

Deck Talk – Week of June 18

2017 Volume 1 – Week of June 18

Remember to check the calendar online for all of the latest news and events! And while you are there, update your account with your emergency contact info.

Sunday. June 18
4:00 pm     First Home Dive Meet—Diving Well
8:30 pm     Water Polo Kick Off—Main Pool

Wednesday, June 21
5:00 pm     Blue and White Swim Meet—Pool closes at 5:00 pm

Thursday, June 22
6:00 pm      First Food Truck Thursday! Hardy’s BBQ  – Parking Lot (We will have different trucks all summer on Thursdays)
7:00 pm      First Raft Night! – crazy rafts
7:45 pm      First Movie Night! Finding Dory— Main Pavilion

Friday, June 23
6:00 pm      Swim and Dive Team Pep Rally, Main Pavilion— Dinner $10/Adult, Adult Beverages $4

Saturday, June 24
8:00 am        Pool Closed until Noon —First Home Swim Meet—Main pool
12:00 pm      Pool opens at noon. Swim Team Lunch—Main Pavilion

Upcoming Events:

July 4th 4:00 pm Annual Crabfest!  Remember to sign up and pay in advance.  Great food and a fun coin toss for the kids!

How to sign up:
· on website (LOGIN to your account)
· click on events, click on July 4th
· fill out form and send in payment or bring check/cash to event
· Don’t miss out on this annual fun
· Bring a side or dessert
· $5 Hamburgers/hotdogs
· $10 Crabs
· $5 Adult Beverages
· Inclement weather date: July 8th

See you on deck!

July 4th Crabfest

Fellow Mohicans

We are already thinking about July 4th at the pool and our annual crabfest! In order to ensure we have the appropriate amount of food on hand, please click on this link:

Or go to the website, and click on Events/July 4th party and fill out the form. As a convenience this year, you can pre-pay via credit card if you would like. We will have a check-ink in area for pre-pays which will move you ahead of the long lines so take advantage! The kids will be able to participate in the coin toss in the pool – with special treats for those who find the magic coins…

The event this year is planned for July 4th from 4:00 until closing.  Raindate will be Saturday, July 8th.

Don’t delay!  Get this on your calendar today and we’ll see you at the pool with tons of fresh crabs to eat…

Membership Issues

Mohican Members,

It has come to our attention that some of our members are experiencing  issues when checking into the pool. We apologize in the advance for any confusion that you may be experiencing.

There was a lack of clarity during the initial online registration. Many of you added one adult and your children/caregivers but may not have registered either yourself or your spouse. What the system is flagging is that one/or more of the family members that are listed on your account have not been paid for.

If think you are being flagged in error, the first step is to log into your account at and download your 2017 paid invoice to confirm who is paid for on your account.

If you think this situation may have happened to you, the problem can be easily solved by following this process:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click membership
  3. Click payments
  4. Select member dues – your name will drop down
  5. Select your payment method and click next. If you pay with credit card your account will be green automatically. If you pay with a check, we will update your account upon receipt.

If you still have questions about flagged accounts, please contact us at


Thank you in advance,

Mohican Membership

Mohican Sports

Fellow Mohicans

In my recent email, I mentioned both Masters Swimming and Water Polo, and I am happy to let you know we are getting both off the ground (or in the water more specifically).


We will start our masters swimming with a weekly session on Sunday from 8:30-10:00 AM (actual swim time about an hour). The session will start next Sunday, June 25 and will run every Sunday through the remainder of the year. As this time is before the pool opens we will have all the lanes and we will accommodate swimmers of all abilities. We will break up the workout based on ability so that swimmers can swim with members of similar ability.

I will devise and run the initial workouts. However, since we have a number of experienced swimmers we will decide an approach to rotate or bring in a coach for the sessions. In addition, we will have coffee and food to munch after the session.

Once we get the group going we can determine if there is interest in expanding from a weekly session to a more frequent schedule.


We are also ready to start-up a Mohican Water Polo group. This group will play on Sunday evenings – from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, and we will start this Sunday, June 18. During that time we will set up the pool for Water Polo and while the pool will remain open, we will not have lap swimming at that time.

We have two members – Lisa Owen and TJ Cox who are going to organize this group going forward. And, at Lisa’s suggestion, I have attached a very informative discussion of the sport – a fun read even if you are not going to play.

Both of these groups are open to all members. However, we do expect only experienced lap swimmers attend the Masters Group and those who are strong swimmers to play water polo.

Thanks, everyone – see you at the pool.

Rick Hall

Mohican President

2017 Opening Party

2017 Party Request Policy

Fellow Mohicans –

We are off to another good year, and I hope you are all getting out to the pool.

We have made some changes to our approach to private parties and I wanted to share them with all of you.

First and foremost we are introducing a second Pavilion on the upper platform where the old ping-pong table sat. Unlike the main Pavilion, this will be available to reserve as a private space for parties. We are installing a semi-permanent structure which will cover about half of the upper deck, and we will also have a mix of tables and chairs.

This is intended to reduce conflict between parties and normal use, and it is an experiment for 2017. The upper space will be reservable for three hours at a time at a cost of $100. The structure is going in over the next couple weeks so if you keep your eye out at the pool you will see the new space come to life.

(Please take a look at the new structure when it is installed and let us know what you think of the new approach.)

Meanwhile, we have also moved to using the web for reservations – eliminating paper forms which float around the office and can get lost.  The policy is now written right into the form used to book the party.

The online form can be found on our website:

Once you fill out the form it goes to pool management who will review the request and get back to you within 3 days.

For your convenience, the policy is below.

Parties of fewer than 10 guests: Are welcome anytime and don’t require notification to the Pool Manager unless you wish to request the upper pavilion (although discouraged during swim team practices).

Parties of 10 – 25 guests: All parties of more than 10 non-members must be scheduled in advance by submitting a request via this online form.  Please make a request to the Pool Manager three weeks before the planned event. Due to demands on the pool, these are subject to approval by the Pool Manager and may require board approval, depending on the requested size/date/time. Requests at quieter times (weekday evenings, or in August for example) are generally easier to accommodate.

Parties of more than 25 guests: Are hard for the pool to accommodate at any time. Please make a request four weeks in advance. All requests require board approval. 

Supervision: The sponsor shall ensure that adequate adult-chaperone supervision is provided throughout the party.  At least one adult must be present for every six children.  It is the responsibility of the adult chaperones to inform the guests of the pool rules and to monitor the behavior of the party participants.  Pool staff is on duty to ensure the safety of swimmers and to enforce pool rules. They are not expected to, and will not, perform party supervision functions.  For non-swimmers who have not passed the swim test, there must be an adult in the water with them one-on-one at all times.

Fees: The fee to book a party is $100, which will be applied to your guest fees.  Members are required to purchase a guest pass for each non-member attending an event.  Guest fees are $5 during the week and $10 on weekends. Hosts may be asked to cover any additional lifeguard costs if the Pool Manager thinks the size of the party requires additional coverage.

A list of guests must be provided to the front desk before the party starts.   Guest credits will be charged to cover the number of guests. Guests will be checked off the list as they arrive. If the host member does not have sufficient guest credits, they must be purchased in advance of the party. Reminder – ONLY CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED AT THE FRONT DESK – NO CASH

The member must fill out this form and ensure it’s pre -approved by pool management.  Please allow 3 days for a response back from pool management to have your request recorded on the master calendar.

There are two pavilion areas which can be requested:

Main Pavilion:

Mohican does not “reserve” the main pavilion area or grills for events and does not guarantee exclusive use.  They are a community resource and all members are generally allowed access during normal operating hours.  The form and master calendar are for planning purposes.  They let the membership know what is planned so we can “stay out of each other’s way.” As a courtesy, the membership is asked to give events some space and event organizers are asked to accommodate would-be grillers.

Upper Pavilion:

The upper pavilion can be rented exclusively for an additional $100 fee.  The area can accommodate a large party and there is shade as well as mosquito netting. Two picnic tables, two round tables with umbrellas and chairs make up the seating arrangements.  Party lights are strung and can be plugged in for a festive air.  Electricity outlets are available should you want to use devices or play music.

The party hosts must clean up after the party.  Trash bags will be provided if needed.  Please remember to take down any balloons that may have been tied to signs.
Rick Hall
Mohican President