Mohican Pool will open with modified policies and procedures during the pandemic.  These procedures will change from time to time as rules in the county and state evolve, and as we learn more about operating in this challenging environment.

Due to the additional risks associated with the pandemic, all adults and their dependents will be required to agree to waive liability of catching the virus while attending the pool.  Specifically:

By registering to attend or in any other way utilizing the pool during the Covid-19 pandemic creates additional risks.  Members agree to follow all state, county, and club rules, and will not hold the pool responsible or liable in any way should they catch Covid—19 while attending the pool.

Failure to agree to the waiver will disallow members from use of the pool.

The pool will operate the hours as posted on the pool website.

MemberSplash, the company that hosts our website, has established an online reservation system that will allow members to sign up for specific time slots to access the pool.

Members will be required to sign-up on the website for swimming slots. We will be reviewing sign-ups nightly to make certain members to do not sign-up for more slots than allowed, and we will adjust the number of available slots as we understand usage.

To give paid members greater access to the pool, guest passes may not be used. If you wish to add immediate family who are not currently registered and paid as members, you may add them to your household membership for the required fee.  To do so, log into your account in Membersplash and select Membership>Manage Account. Click on the member you would like to add, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click save. Submit your online payment.


As operating during the Covid-19 pandemic creates additional risks, members who use the pool this summer will be asked to follow strict procedures on social distancing.

Any violation of these rules will risk members being excluded from using the pool.

Members will also be asked to monitor their own health and remain away from the pool for 10 days if they have any of the following conditions:

  • Fever – persistent temperature greater than or equal to 100o F
  • Persistent Cough
  • Unusual Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing
  • Chills – repeated shaking
  • Sore Throat
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Severe Headache or Dizziness
  • Unusual Muscle pain
  • New Loss of Taste or Smell

In addition, we also require members stay away from the pool for 10 days if they have knowingly come in contact with anyone with a Covid-19 infection or traveled outside of the United States.

The initial policies will be as follows:

  • Lap swimming will be restricted to one per lane with no exceptions.
  • All swimmers must make a reservation before attending the pool, and the facility will be cleared after each session.
  • Members will be required to social distance – remaining six feet apart from other members outside of their family group.
  • Members must wear masks whenever on-deck and not swimming or moving two and from the pool.
  • Facility entrance will be through the back gate and exit will be through the front gate. This will reduce member contact.
  • The snack bar, grills, and all playgrounds will be closed.
  • Water fountains will not be in operation.
  • The bathhouse will be closed except use of the bathrooms.
  • Members must come to the pool fully dressed in proper swim attire.
  • Shower at home before attending the pool.
  • While the bathrooms will be open we will restrict attendance to one family group at a time or groups of no more than three.

These policies will change from time to time as governing rules evolve and we learn about operating in this challenging environment.  We ask all members to help us through this challenging period.