MOHICAN POOL FAQs(updated 7/15/20)

Our members have many questions about how Mohican will work this summer. Below, the Board presents responses to frequently asked questions about how we will operate. The fluid nature of the situation means that all of our policies and operating procedures are subject to change according to guidance from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCHHS) as it affects Mohican’s specific circumstances.

The Board is striving to implement a reservation system that is as fair and equitable as possible for all Mohican members. This is uncharted territory for all of us and navigating this unprecedented season is very much a shared effort. We ask for your patience and understanding as the situation evolves over the course of the summer; we expect to receive multiple directives from Montgomery County, each of them possibly requiring new directions and changes.


When will Mohican open?
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCHHS) is finalizing its regulations and rules which differ from those issued by the State of Maryland. As a private pool community, we are obligated to follow directives issued by MCHHS. Mohican will follow all MCHHS directives and implement safety-oriented policies that work with our smaller deck configuration and the guidance of our pool management company. 

How many will be allowed in the pool at any given time?

Based on MCHHS directives, it’s likely that initially a reduced number to limit crowding and allow for social distancing in the pool and on deck.  

What will be the pool hours in 2020?

Operating hours will be 6:30 am – 9:00 pm on weekdays and 8 am- 9 pm on weekends though there will be some variance as we initially open.

Will I need to wear a mask at Mohican?

You will need to a wear a mask while interacting with anyone outside of your family in accordance with MCHHS guidance. CDC does not recommend masks for children under 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. Masks will not be worn in the water.

Will I need to adhere to social distancing on the deck and in the pool?

Yes, when on pool grounds, you will be required to implement physical distancing between individuals or household groups.

We have been in a “quaranteam” with another family, can we sit together and let our children play together?

No. The County has given the guidance that regardless of how families conduct their lives outside of the pool, they must remain socially distant while at the pool.

Can we bring guests?
No. In order to allow our membership to have access to the pool, we will not allow guests this season.

How can I add my child or caregiver to my account?

If you wish to add immediate family or  a caregiver who are not currently registered and paid as members, you may add them to your household membership for the required fee. Simply log onto ‘Manage Account’ and select the + symbol next to Members. You will add the family member or caregivers information, save and then select ‘make a payment’ at the top of the screen. The newly added family member or caregiver will be listed for you to make a payment.

Will the locker rooms and restrooms be open?
We plan to only have bathrooms open for use.  We ask that members change and shower at home before and after their visit to the pool.  Per the Maryland Department of Health, we will maintain a supply of cleaning supplies for use.

Where can I find more information about our new reservation system and instructions?

Please review instructions at How to make, view and cancel a reservation.

Can I just show up to swim as I’ve always done?

No, you will need to reserve a time slots in advance to use the pool. COVID-19 has changed the way we go about all our daily routines and the pool is no exception.  

Will check-in procedures be the same when I show up for my reservation slot?

No, members will no longer be coming to the front desk.  They will be asked to check in at the back gate.   We will have all members leave from the front gate to provide everyone socially distant space to arrive and depart the pool. You will be required to check out when leaving the pool. 

When will the weekly schedule be released so I can book my advance reservations?

The weekly schedule will open for reservations each Thursday at 8 am.

I had a reservation for my family but I need to cancel one person, how do I do that?

You can log into your existing reservations and cancel or add members to your reservations if there are slots available.

To access your reservations:

  • Go to the Membership tab
  • Select Manage Account and then select My Reservations
  • You will see your reservations listed. Next to each reservation there are selection buttons to manage or cancel your reservations. If you select manage you will be able to deselect individuals who will no longer be attending or select an individual to add. You will only be able to select an individual to add if there are reservation slots available. Once you press update reservation, your changes have been made. If you want to cancel your entire reservation just select cancel.

Instructions on how to make, view or cancel a reservations can be found here.

Can I give my reservation slot to another member? 

No, you need to cancel your reservation so another family can book it. We can only allow the family that is signed up for the reservation to use the reservation.

Will you still offer early bird swim?
Yes, and we ask our lap swimmers to use our reservation system to reserve a lap lane. At this time, we are planning on having dedicated lap swimming every weekday morning by reservation only from 6:30 – 8:30 am.  No children under the age of 13 years old will be allowed to reserve a lap lane during early bird swim. 

How many people can swim in a lap lane?

MCHHS has issued guidance that ONE person may be in a lap lane.

How many lap lanes will be available during open swim?

There will be 3 lap lanes during open swim. If there is room for more lanes in the pool you can ask if the managers can add lanes which they will sometimes be able to accommodate. This will be up to the managers based on broader availability and their current work.

How do members use lap lanes during open swim?

In many cases, there will be a lap lane open during your open swim session. From time to time if we have members waiting for a lane, we have set up a “Sign-In” whiteboard (kept on the stone bench) so that members can sign-in and take turns when lanes open up.  Please sign yourself in if you are waiting for an open lane.

Will kickboards be available for use?

No, you must bring your own.

Can I use fins while swimming?

Fins are allowed while lap swimming only and will not be permitted for leisure/play use. This restriction will be re-evaluated when COVID-19 operating directives have been lifted.

Will you have a senior hour?

Yes, similar to local stores we have dedicated time for our senior members to use the pool on weekdays.

When can senior memberships use the pool?

Senior memberships will be able to use the pool each weekday morning. If you would like to expand your membership, please reach out to

Will you be having adult swim? 

No, we will not call adult swim during your pool slot.

What happens during inclement weather while I am at the pool?

In the event of inclement weather, patrons should immediately leave the property to the safety of their vehicles. Common areas that have been used in the past as an area to “wait it out” cannot be utilized as there will be no ability to distance.

Will all the pools be available?
No, the baby pool will not be open initially. The other pools will be open.

Will the diving boards be open?

Yes, the diving boards are open for use.

Can my child come to the pool unaccompanied?
Pool rules require that only children 13 and older can be at the pool without an adult.

Can I still use the grill area?

No, initially the grill area will be closed.  Please bring your own prepared food if you wish to eat onsite.

How will the facilities be cleaned?
There will be a period of time in between reservation slots for cleaning before the next set of members arrives. 

How safe will it be to swim at Mohican this summer?

Our pool management company along with our volunteer Board of Directors has developed policies, procedures and protocols that are aligned with State and County directives.  We will absolutely attempt to maintain as safe an experience as possible for all our members.  However, given the nature of an outdoor pool environment high-risk individuals and all members alike will need to make their own decision about coming to the pool at their own risk. 

Will there be seating at the pool?
We expect limitations on use of poolside furniture and have come up with a plan to enable clusters of members to ensure they are socially distanced at a minimum of 6ft apart.  This will be first come, first serve.

Can I bring my own chair?

No, our furniture is set to be socially distant. Adding furniture would mean that all furniture needs to be reconfigured.

Will there be water basketball?
No, this will not be set up for play; also any beach balls or objects usually thrown/played with in the pool will not be allowed.

What about swim and dive teams?
Mohican Swim Team will be starting modified practices on July 6th and will run for 6 weeks.  Registration has closed and additional children can only be added with approval.  Please visit our site at for further details.

Will you still be offering Mermaid water aerobics?

Yes, it will take place on weekdays during senior hour swim.

What about our Mohican social events?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to have our usual social events but look forward to next years events!

What do I need to do to go to the pool?

Be patient, everything operates differently now! You will be required to adhere to our pledge and sign a waiver, you will be required to leave the pool when your time slot has expired and you are required to log onto your account and update contact information.

Will there be a Lost and Found?
No, there will be no Lost and Found. All left items will be disposed of when the pool closes at the end of the day.

Will the playground, bocce ball and basketball court be open?

No, they will remain closed at this point.

Will the snack bar be open?

No, the snack bar will be closed at this point.

Will the water fountains be open?

No, they will be shut off to adhere to MCHHS regulations.

Can I still celebrate my child’s birthday at the pool?
No, party reservations are not allowed this season. 

Will you still be offering swim lessons?

Yes, please contact our swim coaches for instructions. We will not be offering in water learn to swim lessons.

Will Mohican refund or discount member dues for the 2020 season?

As of mid-June, we cannot say. The Board will review the finances of the pool at the end of the season to determine whether any unspent revenue may be credited back in some form to permanent, senior, and temporary members.

Our first collective obligation is to ensure that Mohican meets our fixed costs: mortgage, taxes, utilities, facilities upkeep, and operator expenses. We must keep Mohican financially viable now and for the future.

On the face of it, it would appear that a shorter season would mean lower overall expenses. That may well end up being the case. However, the many safety measures we need to implement – purchasing protective gear and additional cleaning supplies, as well as adding staff hours to ensure that the pool environment is as clean and safe as possible – have meaningful budget implications that we need to be prepared for.

Another important consideration is that member dues are not Mohican’s only source of revenue – and the majority of our other sources of revenue are severely restricted this year. As a result of COVID-19, we are 1) forgoing sales of new guest passes to ensure that members have more pool time, 2) closing the snack bar, 3) losing the revenue from party reservation fees, which are not an option under current guidelines, and 4) eliminating late summer memberships to keep attendance numbers within county requirements.

With all of these factors in play, it is impossible for us to know until the end of the season where we stand financially and whether there will be any funds available to credit back to members.

For those who are interested in increasing their contributions to and usage of the pool this summer, senior memberships may convert to full memberships, and immediate family members may be added to household memberships at current dues levels. Any of these actions can be initiated through MemberSplash or by contacting Membership.

If I join the waitlist, will I get a membership for summer 2020?

No, you are welcome to join our waitlist but you will not get a membership for summer 2020. You will be placing your name on the waitlist for future summers as the list rolls over from year to year.

When and how can we expect to hear updates?
Please check this page and your email frequently.