Registration for 2015 Swim and Dive Teams is now open and can be accessed at the link below.  Swim and Dive Team participation is open to the children of all current full membership or temporary (“renter”) membership at the Mohican Swimming Pool.  All registration should be completed through the link.


This is a new system and will require a few more clicks and entries to complete. The system is from ActiveWorks, the largest event registration company in the country. This system did not carry over your information from the old system so you will need to set up a new user account.

Tips – Using Mohican’s Online Registration Process

  1. Required Information: You can skip sections that are not required fields to streamline your process.  Fields that are required are noted with an asterisk: ” * “
  2. Newsletters: You can uncheck the boxes to stay off Active’s newsletter list.
  3. Volunteer Commitment – It will show “0 points” because, while it is strongly encouraged that parents volunteer to help, the team doesn’t use a point system to require participation.
  4. Swim and dive coaches must be entered separately from the rest of your family.  We will send out the coach discount code in a separate email.

If you have any questions about the registration system please call Mark Kellett, our automation lead, at 301-580-4657 or email him at kellettmail@gmail.com.


Swim Team

1st Child – $110

Add’l Per Child – $85

Developmental Team – $75

Dive Team

1st Child – $110

Add’l Per Child – $85


Additional Information on swim team dates, key contacts, volunteer opportunities, polices, etc..  More information on Dive Team will be coming from the Dive Reps.

Registration Information Session:   Saturday, May 16 at 12:00 – 4:00 PM at Mohican Pool.  The swimsuit vendor will be on site to sell team suits.  Coaches and Team Reps will be available to answer questions.


Swim Team Calendar – 2015

First Afternoon Practice:      Monday, May 18

First Morning Practice:         Tuesday, June 16


Swim Team Time Trials:  Sunday, June 7, 8:00am

“A” Swim Team Meet Schedule (8:30AM start time):

June 13: First dual meet (away meet against Flower Valley)

June 20: Home meet against Robin Hood

June 27:  Away meet at Garrett Park

July 4:  Home meet against Damascus

July 5: Relay Carnival at Damascus

July 11:  Away meet at North Creek

July 18: Divisional Championship at North Creek

July 19: Swim & Dive Team Banquet

July 25: County Relay All Stars

July 26: County Individual All Stars 

“B” Meet Schedule:

June 17: Home against Palisades

June 24:  Home against  Merrimac

July 1: Away meet at Little Falls

July 7: Away meet at Bannockburn

July 15: Away meet at Seven Locks




Our goal is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to have fun and to build self-confidence, endurance, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship through competitive swimming in a safe environment.


The Mohican Swim Team is directed and managed by the Swim Team Representatives (Reps) who are the official liaisons to the Mohican Pool Board of Directors and the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL).   The reps along with the help of parent volunteers are responsible for coordinating: meet officials, trophies, social activities, swim apparel sales, ribbons, refreshments, team spirit, and other functions directly related to the swim team. If you have questions or concerns related to the swim team, please contact your team reps listed below:

Swim Team Representatives:


  • Gian Polignano will be back as head coach along with senior coach Halie Kellett.  Other coaches will be Head Developmental Coaches Lauren Brooks and Tess Speiser, Kevin Johnson and Brett Kellett.  We will also have some Junior Coaches assisting.


Afternoon practices occur each weekday except for Federal holidays beginning on Tuesday, May 18 and ending on July 17th and are scheduled as follows:

Developmental: 4-4:30 or 4:30 -5

Beginner Intermediate: 5-5:45

Advanced Intermediate: 5-6

Pre-Senior: 6-7

Senior: 5:45– 7 (first 15 minutes of drylands)

If practice times do not suit your schedule, please speak with Coach Gian about alternative time slots.  Please understand, however, that age-appropriate programs will not necessarily be available during those alternate time periods.

Morning practices:  Beginning on Tuesday, June 16, and except for Federal holidays, the Swim team offers an alternative practice time (in addition to the above afternoon times) each weekday morning as follows:

8:00-9:00am     Recommended for Intermediate swimmers

8:45-10:00am   Recommended for Pre-Senior swimmers

8:30-10:00am   Recommended for Senior swimmers

Practice times are optional.  It is well known that repetition and conditioning are keys to improving levels of performance in swimmers.


Parent participation and support is vital to the continued success of the swim team. Parents can be trained by the MCSL to officiate meets as referees, starters and stroke and turn judges. No training is required for parents to participate as announcers, runners, clerks of course, timers, ribbon writers or to keep records, set up meets, serve refreshments, and assist with social activities.
Having a successful and enjoyable swim season requires the assistance and commitment of a great number of parent volunteers. Each family who registers a swimmer should consider volunteering at least two or three times during the season. If everyone helps a little, the summer season will be so much more enjoyable for all of us. By the way, did you know that it takes between 24 and 30 Mohican parents to run a home meet? Become involved! Share the work, excitement, and family fun!

To participate in the Mohican Swim Team Program, a child must be:

  • a current full member or temporary (“renter”) member of the Mohican Pool;
  • able to swim one length of the pool with a reasonable stroke, subject to a coach’s approval;
  • between the ages of 5 and 18 as of June 1.

The Mohican Swim Team also invites young swimmers who would like to participate in the swim team but whose swimming skills are not developed enough to qualify to swim in meets. If they can swim half-way across the pool and feel comfortable in the water, they may qualify to join the DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM until ready to swim in a B Meet (upon coaches approval).  Any child who can: swim 15 yards in water over the swimmer’s head while breathing, but who cannot swim a full length (25m) is invited to inquire. Please note that this is not a substitute for swim lessons.  Swim lessons may be scheduled by special arrangement with the Head Coach or the Developmental Coach for a reasonable fee.


All swimmers and divers must be fully registered with dues paid and medical waiver filed in order to attend practices and participate in swim meets.  See registration information and web link above.  Dues pay for coaches, meet entry fees, Friday Pep Rally activities, Montgomery County Swim League dues, stop watches and various supplies to operate swim meets and practices.

Montgomery County Swim League Site: www.mcsl.org